Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nieces Visit from Melbourne!

My 2 lovely nieces flew from Melbourne to Sydney (first time by themselves) on Tuesday morning. My daughters were so excited that they were coming to stay for a week.

Although they live so far apart they are all so close and everytime they get together it is like they have never been apart. This visit was extra special as all the girls are old enough help and offer assistance when they can. They are so close in age and get along so fabulously.

The four girls had a great time swimming, dancing, singing, playing games and ice skating.
On the weekend we also went to Bondi beach. The weather was perfect not too hot and a little cloud cover. It was sad to see the girls leave.
I had the best is so nice to have 4 beautiful girls growing up so lovely.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Taylor Swift In Sydney!!

A pnemonenal singer and concert.
On Saturday night my daughters and I went to the Acer Arena in Sydney to Taylor Swift perform. We arrived inplenty of time, we were seated on the side of the stage and the girls were waiting anxiously for their idol to come on stage. 
The crowd erupted as Taylor rose from the stage singing one of our favourites 'You belong with me'. 
Taylor really appreciates her fans, she took in and absorbed all of the cheers and applause. Taylor said "I remember last year sitting up there watching Coldplay and thinking 'wouldn't it be cool to play a stadium tour here'," she told the crowd. It was fitting for this family-friendly entertainment by a wholesome young performer who at times seemed overwhelmed by the adulation from the crowd.

"It's good to see I'm not the only person who still believes in fairy stories," she said.
Taylor walked throught the crowd hugging and kissing her fans and some lucky girls even received bracelets from Taylor's collection on her arm.
I am very impressed by this young lady and what a great role model for my daughters and other tweens and teens around the world.


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