Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Beautiful Caring Wonderful Rachel!!

I have 2 wonderful daughters, whom I adore and cherish.
Today I would like to tell you about my oldest RACHEL who is 14, 15 later this year.
Rachel is growing up to be the most caring and considerate young lady. I am so proud of all her achievements and for always giving her best in everything she does. Rachel loves helping, when she can, in between loads of homework and socialising with her friends.
My aspiring photographer, computer whiz and fashion designer has just started year 9 and her chosen electives are textiles and multimedia which covers all her desired aspirations.


Rachel my fun loving, gorgeous inside and out, precious princess fairy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daily morning walk to school!

On our daily walk to school this morning I said to my 11 year old I am going to blog about our walk to school and the people we see and so on. As I was planning on doing this post I suggested lets take a photo and anyway one photo turned into many with silly poses and lots of fun.

I love our morning walk to school, which I will miss next year.


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