Monday, October 11, 2010

Today I am.......

Today I am happy but a bit emotional as my youngest daughters has gone back to school for her final term in year 6.

We are ready to move on to high school but for me the emotional ties to the Primary School are going to be hard. 
Not only is it that we will no longer be walking to and from school it is the fact that we have seen this school grow 
from its early beginnings into the school it is today.
We have seen lovely teachers come and go but for me the hardest was saying goodbye to the lovely principal and 
founder of this dynamic school move on.  We were fortunate to have this lovely dignified lady,  live in our street, 
though we did not see her around much at all but when we did she was always open for a little chat. 

When my eldest daughter started, this school was only 2 years old and although buildings were being built there 
were still the demountable classrooms to occupy the growing amount of students. The school community was small 
and everyone new everyone, it was a lovely and very welcome atmosphere.

I am emotional at the end of every year so this year will be different I will be very overwhelmed with completion of our 
journey as a family at St Catherine of Siena Primary School.

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