Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sick Minnie

My youngest daughter has been sick. Slowly getting worse over the last week. 
Had to take her to the hospital early this morning as she was vomiting lots of 
mucous with a little blood. I was scared really scared too see my baby so sick. 
I had tears in my eyes. 
It is so amazing the love you feel for your children and how you just want to 
protect them anyway you can.Thank fully she is on the improve. She has a big 
few weeks coming up with graduating fromprimary school and getting photos 
done, end of year disco and fun day.

She is fine at the moment emotionally, it will be interesting to see the last few 
days. I knowI will be a blubbering mess as I have spent 10 years helping at this 
school and see it develop and grow over the years.

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